Aviation Management ; is a unique specialization that is offered by only a few universities around the world and is tailored to meet the needs of the job market in the fast-growing aviation industry.

The BBA in Aviation Management programme is designed in line with international quality standards. The programme aims to provide high quality business education with a focus on the aviation industry. The curriculum is carefully designed to integrate core business modules with specialized major courses that focus on topics related to airline and airport management.

Logistics ; is the function responsible for all aspects of the movement and storage of materials on its journey from original suppliers through to final customers.

Supply Chain Management ; includes all the activities a business employs to keep into products following, from sourcing raw materials to delivering goods at the point of purchase. Top first in industries such as automotive, food and beverage, computer hardware, electronics and pharmaceuticals practice supply chain management to deliver goods, consumer wants or need at a place where market will support.

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The Bangalore University BBA degree integrated with Karnataka state Aviation Management qualification, provides you with learning which blends classroom lectures with group activities, seminars by industry experts, and practical intern-ship. This combination ensures that graduates are well prepared for employment in the business and aviation-related fields and are qualified to pursue the industry.

This course is designed for those who are seeking to prepare themselves for managerial responsibilities. Students learn about Airport planning, Airport security, passenger forecasting, aerodrome work for safety, dangerous goods and many other topics. Aviation management Industry is being analyzed from marketing, planning and policy perceptive at national and international levels. The curriculum is oriented towards brand management, customer satisfaction, passenger services and fleet management, allied services, fuelling management, etc.

Therefore, the program will provide students a strong background in the Aviation Management field as well as business and leadership practices.


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The program consists of a major stream and an elective stream which can be selected from Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, and Business Information Systems or Operations Management. You will be studying the whole field of supply chain management including, buying, Inventory control, Supplier development, Customer Service, Logistics and Distribution, Principles of Logistics Management, Fundamentals of Marketing, IT Application in Logistics and Transport, Business Law, Warehousing Management, Transport Economics, Operation Management, Land transportation Management, Business Statistics, Integrated Supply Chain, Material Management, Strategic distribution management.


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Once you are Graduated, you can consider employment in ,……

When you graduate you will be qualified to take up employment opportunities with civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines, aviation consultants and air travel agencies. which includes flight dispatch, station management, flight schedule coordination, air cargo administration, public relations, and marketing or customer service. Many graduates pursue careers in airport management, and some seek positions within state or government aviation agencies.

Few positions available for Aviation Graduates are ;

  • Airport Services Manager/ Airport Manager
  • Airport Services Supervisor
  • In-Flight Instructor
  • In-Flight Manager
  • Reservation & Ticketing agent
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Procurement Consultants
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Ramp Agent
  • Airport Duty Manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Production planning & operations Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Commercial Contracts manager
  • Airline Staff
  • Air Travel Agent


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Once you are Graduated, you can consider employment in ,……

Personnel working in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management field make sure that goods and services get into the hands of consumers. The logistics industry is an important driver for the economic growth and development. All types of businesses, big and small, need logistics managers to help with inventory and accounts receivable. A small business may have one person in charge of these duties, while large corporations have entire logistics and supply chain departments.

Amazing job opportunities do exist in multinational Corporates / companies namely TESCO, MARKS & SPENCER UK based, WAL-MART US Based, DHL, etc., Following are some most sought after job titles in the industry ;

  • International Logistics Manager
  • Analyst & Inventory Control Manager
  • Materials, Purchasing & Production Manager
  • Warehouse Operations Manager
  • Transportation & Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Software Manager

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Postgraduate Opportunities in Sri Lanka or Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc,.. with the intention of processing for PR in those countries:

The most logical step after the BBA Aviation course is to pursue an MBA in Aviation & Supply chain Management.


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  • Bangalore University
  • Mangalore University


  • St. Theresa University



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