Instead of wasting millions of rupees studying for Bachelors degrees in European, American, Australian, UK etc,.. countries, you can finish a worldwide recognised quality academic degree in India within SL Rs. 4 00 000.00 

This will open up vast opportunities for you to finish your Masters in a Sri Lankan Government University or in a European, or American, University with a Scholarship offer. Thus you will be saving millions & further gaining an International level Government University Education with worldwide recognition.

But when you select a University in any foreign country, you should check thoroughly if the University is a Government Commonwealth State University, which is recognized by the “University Grants Commission” in Sri Lanka. Otherwise the degree you complete will not be of any value once you get back.

We have opened windows of educational opportunities for students seeking careers in Business Management, Engineering technology, Health Care, Life Sciences, Tourism, Hospitality Management, Information & Communication technologies, Fashion designing, Interior Designing, Aviation, and many more more in UGC recognized Government Commonwealth Universities…

We have a long history in assisting Sri-Lankan & Maldives students to study in foreign countries.

When you are consulted and registered for a foreign University through us to follow your educational dreams you will automatically get a free membership of our associate Organization, Global Environmental Youth Education Foundation following free access to numerous opportunities exposing yourself to the world with expert advise giving you more than just “guidance”, one that will challenge the way you think about your future and your role in the world !

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  • Distinctiveness with 22 years wealth of experience. We are the Pioneers to introduce Indian University Education in Sri Lanka in 1991.
  • Over 5000 students consulted and Graduated succesfully from India.
  • Flexible easy pay plans in Payments, You can make all payments in Instalments. Personnel level assistance & guidance in this regard.
  • Parents can visit regularly as cheaper & closer to visit even at an emergency.
  • We do University / College visits 4 times a year.
  • Personally accompanying the student to the University till he/she settles in faculty hostel. This is to assist parents in avoiding the tedious process of admissions at the other end. Parents will save a considerable amount of money by sending their children with us. We accompany the students and settle them in college hostels or Convents. The Director General G.E.Y.E.F personally accompany the students in every visit.
  • International Standard Quality Education provided in all faculties which we consult to.
  • Cost effective- subsidized with special Full Scholarships and Partial Scholarship Awards for selected students. Many subsidy categories are available.
  • Social and cultural values similar to Sri Lankan cultures. Our students will not face drastic cultural differences such as when in Europe or any other country.
  • Globally competitive with Alumni Associations linking with NASA, Cambridge etc…
  • Commonwealth State Government University Degrees recognized all over the world.
  • Over 100 Job market oriented Latest Degree programmes to choose from.
  • Excellent follow up programmes & guidance on students till they graduate and finds jobs.
  • 100% visa success rate. We are extremely well – versed in all aspects of international visa documentation.
  • 237 Universities to chose from
  • 10600 Colleges to select from
  • 70.78 lakh students
  • 3.31 lakh teachers
  • Organising Annual parent teacher meetings in Sri lanka with Faculty heads invited.
  • Office always opened day & night to assist our students in any problem faced while they are studying abroad.
  • Internationally Standardised Pre – University Bridging programmes conducted in Sri Lanka through Amasa Institute of Professional Studies to help reduce the Fear in minds and face challenges increasing grasping power.
  • Conducting Special University level English Tution in Sri Lanka before leaving to Study abroad, moulding the student with fluent english speaking skills, presentation capabilities & bold forwardness.
  • Organising special field tours in Sri Lanka & other countries, Past student get – togethers and orientation programmes to entertain our graduates & undergraduates.
  • Emphasis not only on educating the student on subject matters but on living a life of self respect and dignity, transforming the students constituency into a refined fabric of society.

Under the vision of G.A.W.G. Galgamuwa ( Who was serving as a Director of the National youth Services Council in 1991) the undergraduate Placement programme was introduced in 1991 mainly due to the following identified reasons to serve the youth in the country during that period.

  1. Closing down of the Universities for long periods due to unrest in the country.
  2. Limited seats available in our Universities for eligible students.
  3. To compete with the expensive higher educational opportunities available in European countries for Bachelor degrees.
  4. To educate the youth of Sri Lanka as they are an asset to the country. Providing disciplined graduates, fit to be executives, Providing intellectual human resources to the country.


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The NATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION COUNCIL (NAAC) is an autonomous body established by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country. It is an outcome of the recommendations of the National Policy in Education (1986) that laid special emphasis on upholding the quality of higher education in India.

All These Indian State Government Universities we Consult our students to are Commonwealth State Universities. Thus highly ranked and recognizes through out the Commonwealth countries and rest of the world.

All University Colleges / Faculties Amasa Educational services consults our students to in India are NAAC accredited highly standard educational institutions.


[expand title=”Indian Government Regulations for acquiring a valid Indian Student Visa” tag=”h3″ rel=”animal-highlander”]

We assist all our consulted students in Acquiring 100% success in getting a legal valid Student visa with all legal documentation for the entire course duration.

    • It is granted for study only in Government of India recognized educational institutions/Colleges for foreigners to pursue a recognized course. Before seeking admission, Students are advised to confirm these two aspects, as production of documents relating to recognitions of the institute/college for study by foreigners and recognition of the course will be necessary for grant of student visa. Please also note that some new courses run by a few established colleges have not yet been recognized by the Government.
    • Tourist Visa is not convertible to Student Visa. Seeking admission /studying in India under Tourist visa is illegal.
    • Student visa would be granted only for full term of the course. Student visa for primary school education will not be entertained. Bonafide certificate, issued by the educational authorities in India , should indicate the full term of the course as well as the relevant year in which the applicant would be pursing the course.
    • Submission of proof of Academic records in respect of education completed will be necessary. Evidence of admission to the Institute/Course from recognized University / Board ( Indicate name of Institution/address/Tel & Fax no. & e-mail/website address); bonifide certificate as a student if already pursuing studies in India, Photocopies of relevant academic certificates on the basis of which admission is sought or has been obtained and Satisfactory evidence of financial support – bank guarantee / letter of support from parent / guardian. The Student should also produce evidence of transfer of funds for at least 4 months sustenance in India or show Travellers Cheques for a similar amount.
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Government of India (G.O.I.) is necessary for grant of student visa to pursue a medical/ para-medical course in recognized medical colleges and diploma/degree/post-graduate courses in recognized engineering institutions/ polytechnics. Aspiring students are advised to obtain G.O.I’s NOC from the institution before applying for visa. It may please be noted that admission to professional courses is regulated by GOI and institutions cannot grant admission directly without the consent/ approval of the GOI/concerned state Government.
  • As regards institutions/procedures, aspiring students can take guidance form Study Overseas – Amasa Institute of Professional Studies.