It's been a great pleasure to fulfill my dreams from your help. Thank You so much for your advice and encouragements. Your Guidance made me what I am Today.
May god bless you with courage, health and energy be with you to show a successful pathway for over 1000's & 1000's of younger generation to their future.
nishani wickramasinghe
B.Sc. Fashion & Apparel Designing - Bangalore University (2014)
I enjoy celebrating Indian Festivals. I have to play holy, and burst crackers on Deevali. Everything is Colorful and Bright here.
There are lot of Talented Lecturers that I can acquire real time knowledge. I feel Reva is the brilliant place to experience it.
pamali fonseka
B.Sc. Biotechnology - Bangalore University (2009) Reva College

PhD - La Trobe University (2014-2019)
Studying Abroad in India was definitely the best thing that happened to me. When I left to India I was still in many ways a teenager. Being thousands of miles away from my friends & family, created a level of reliance. And the amount of growth and maturity with all the new friends I made & all the amazing experiences. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Dinesh tennakoon
B.Sc. Biotechnology - Bangalore University (2015)
Studying in an Indian university was one of the dreams of my life and coming to SDM college has proved to be the most wonderful experience of my life.
It has provided me the opportunity to experience multi-cultural experience and so on.Undoubtedly Manglore University/SDM college excels in academics .Apart from studies the University provides various other facilities for the students like sports. I was the table tennis captain in Manglore university for all the three years and the best player of inter university tournaments for 3 years. So i feel SDM is the best place to achieve your goals.
Chavindya de silva
B. Computer Applications - Mangalore University (2017) SDM College
I truly appreciate every single moment I spent at the SDM college.
Most relationships I have made are likely going to be lifelong. I can testify that I am way different from what I was three years ago when I commenced my journey in India. Socially Academically, Professionally and otherwise, I have grown through the University Experiences. Not only that, I have also learnt to grow continually in those areas. Generally Speaking, I not only passed through SDM but SDM passed through me too and made remarkable inscriptions on me that I would live to remember. Cheers!
Paboda dilshani
B.Sc. Biotechnology - Mangalore University (2018) SDM College